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Rare Natural Bumblebee Jasper Turtle

Rare Natural Bumblebee Jasper Turtle

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Carved Bumblebee Jasper Turtle

This is the exact piece you will receive.

A collectors piece.



3.58” x 1.97” x 1.05”

91mm x 50mm x 27mm


3.65 oz

103 grams

3.5” handcarved Bumble Bee Jasper gemstone turtle from Indonesia. This turtle was intricately handcarved from natural stone mined in an active volcanic area of Indonesia. The yellow to orange colors in the stone is Orpiment, an arsenic sulfide mineral. This makes the material dangerous to work with in carving, though the material is mostly inert upon polishing. Either way, this material should never be licked or placed in the mouth. The base of the piece is flat to allow the piece to stand on its own. A fantastic polished carved Bumble Bee Jasper carved turtle for display!

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