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Purple Phantom Quartz Crystals gemstone Cluster

Purple Phantom Quartz Crystals gemstone Cluster

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Purple Phantom Quartz Crystals gemstone Cluster, also known as Ghost Quartz.

Weight: 9.6oz
APROX: 3.55" wide. 2.2" tall. 3.5" deep

Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz, or "rock crystal", that forms over pre-existing crystals. The included crystal is visible due to some variation in composition making the boundary of the included crystal visible. Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms. Phantom quartz has been found in Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States.

Phantom-Crystals come in gray, red, green, white, and amethyst.

Phantom Quartz ranges in clarity from clear to cloudy. The clearer it is, the more easily its properties can be felt, and the more expensive it becomes. However, Phantom Quartz does have a distinguishing feature that makes it easier to tell it apart from regular Clear Quartz. 

To earn the ghostly name of Phantom Quartz, the crystal must have been interrupted during its growth. This interruption creates concentrated mineral deposits that look like specters within the stone. These holographic images are what give Phantom Quartz its unique healing properties. It also means that no two Phantom Quartz crystals are the same.

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