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Natural Pyrite Gemstone Heart
Natural Pyrite Gemstone Heart
Natural Pyrite Gemstone Heart
Natural Pyrite Gemstone Heart

Natural Pyrite Gemstone Heart

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Stone: Natural Pyrite

Hand carved and polished

Measurement across: Approx 40-45mm

*You will receive a heart similar to the ones pictured. Each is one of a kind and unique. Since this is natural stone, there will be variances in color and texture.


Pyrite is a stone of fire and sun energy and is a stone of warmth, vitality, strength and will. It brings confidence and is said to attract wealth. It forms a protective shield against negative energy and physical harm and is a great general protection stone. Pyrite also protects from the control of others. It increases energy and vitality and guards against fatigue. Pyrite inspires creativity, perseverance and ambition. Pyrite also assists in developing leadership qualities and is a stone of manifestation.


The heart is the universal symbol of love. Keep a gemstone heart near as a reminder to practice love in everything you do. Gemstone hearts are wonderful for both attracting love and cultivating self love. These beautiful gemstone puffy hearts are perfect for holding into your palm or pocket. Crystal hearts are also known for their metaphysical properties and store the energy of the stone as well as those who touch them, making them a wonderful gift for a loved one.



You are purchasing one of a lot of hand-crafted natural gemstone products. These products contain naturally occurring variations in shape, color, texture, veining and pattern. The actual stone you receive may differ from the pictures shown. The pictures displayed are intended to give you an overall idea of the actual product you will receive.