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Natural Pink Mad River Agate

Natural Pink Mad River Agate

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166G Gem Type 100%Natural Agate
Size 66MM*64MM*27MM

A beautifully banded Zyamara or Mad River Agate crystal polished stone. These are an ideal size to use as a smoothing or palm stone. This Agate comes from the river basin where the Betsiboka River meets the Indian Ocean in Madagascar. The Betsiboka is also known as the ‘Mad’ River so you will see these agate called Mad River Agates.

The material shows intricate natural swirling banded and orbicular patterns with a variety of colors with hues of red, orange, and white. Originally known as Banded River Agate or Mad River Agate, the material is also considered to be Sardonyx, formed from bands of chalcedony in alternating colors. The material is heated to intensify the color in the stone. The palm stone is polished for a smooth finish around the stone.

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