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Green Howlite Peace Pendant, Green Onyx, Black Opals and Fluorite Gemstones

Green Howlite Peace Pendant, Green Onyx, Black Opals and Fluorite Gemstones

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Green Howlite Peace Pendant, Green Onyx, Black Opals, and Fluorite Gemstones w/ 14 kt gf

This women’s stunning statement piece is going to glow on your neck! We all need peace in our lives always, so this is classic! And green is always a needed staple in our wardrobe! 

Pure Fluorite is actually white or colorless, but trace minerals give it many colors. Fluorite is transparent in most cases. The most commonly recognized fluorite color is a purple-blue mix but it is also found in blue, green, red and yellow colors. The word “flourescent” is derived from flourite. Flourescence is the property of emitting light that has been absorbed previously–in essence, glowing. Generally minerals that are flourescent absorb ultra-violet light and then emit visible light, therefore the effect can only be seen by shining a UV light (black light) on them.  Not all flourite is flourescent however.

Howlite is white and gray with dark gray marbling. It is a relatively recently discovered mineral that was found by gypsum miners. Howlite is always white and gray in its natural state, but because it is porous, it is often dyed different colors.  Other names for it include “buffalo stone”..

Onyx is most recognized for being the birthstone of December and being used to celebrate the seventh year of marriage for couples. The rich black color of the stone and its strength also made Onyx ideal for use in rings and necklaces. In Greek, Onyx means “claw” or “fingernail” because of its appearance resembling that of a fingernail’s veins.

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia which produces 97% of the world’s supply.

Our gemstone necklaces are all original designs by Lisa Beth and LDE Affinity Jewelry. They are hand crafted with passion and love in our Southern California studio. The beads are strung on soft-flex wire to provide strength, flexibility and longevity to your necklace.

I pay close attention to detail because I want you to love your jewelry forever that I made for you. It’s very important to me that this piece is in your collection for years to come. We do our best to choose each stone carefully and purposefully for every piece. However there might be slight differences in color size shape and clarity which makes each item unique and one of a kind.

Each piece of jewelry will come in a colored drawstring bag for it’s protection and storage or to be ready to give as a gift.
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