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Garnet Gemstone Carved Hearts

Garnet Gemstone Carved Hearts

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Genuine Garnet carved Hearts

Two sizes to choose from.

Medium: Approx 280mm, 9.6oz

Large: Approx 330mm, 12 oz

Garnet is popularly known as a dark red gemstone. It has been found as early as the Bronze Age and was known in Egypt and ancient Sumeria. They are stones of prosperity and pleasure, supporting you to live the good life! Garnet was named after the pomegranate and is the birthstone for January.


You are purchasing one of a lot of natural gemstone products. These products contain naturally occurring variations in shape, color, texture, veining and pattern. The actual stone you receive may differ from the pictures shown. The pictures displayed are intended to give you an overall idea of the actual product you will receive.


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