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Selenite gemstone Palm Stone
Selenite gemstone Palm Stone
Selenite gemstone Palm Stone

Selenite gemstone Palm Stone

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These Palm stones can range from 2.3” to 2.6” in length.

this is for one palm stone. 


You are purchasing one of a lot of hand-crafted natural gemstone products. These products contain naturally occurring variations in shape, color, texture, veining and pattern. The actual stone you receive may differ from the pictures shown. The pictures displayed are intended to give you an overall idea of the actual product you will receive.

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** To clean selenite, simply use a soft cloth free of impregnations. Selenite is water soluble, so it’s recommended to avoid submersing or rinsing your stone in water. For this same reason, it is suggested to not use cleaners or polishes. Remove selenite jewelry before participating in sports or other activities that can cause perspiration. Keep selenite out of direct prolonged sunlight, as this exposure can cause loss of luster.