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Natural Apatite Gemstone Blue Puppy Paw Cut-out

Natural Apatite Gemstone Blue Puppy Paw Cut-out

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Natural Blue Apatite gemstone carved hearts with Puppy Paw cutouts.

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This is the exact stone that you will receive.

Apatite occasionally occurs as well-formed hexagonal crystals in hydrothermal veins and pegmatite pockets. These crystals often have a very high clarity and a vivid color and have been cut into gems for collectors Transparent specimens of apatite with vivid green, blue, yellow, or pink color and excellent clarity are often cut into faceted gemstones. Some stones are heat treated to improve their color.

Blue Apatite is a strong stone for exploring past lives and their karmic patterns. Used in the dream state it allows us to find creative solutions to overwhelming problems. Blue apatite enhances psychic awareness and opens the mind to insight and inspiration. With an uplifting energy, it can help us gain a higher perspective on situations.

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