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Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Point Wand Rock Stone

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Point Wand Rock Stone

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60-70mm Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point Wand Rock Stone 

Herkimer Diamonds are a form of double-terminated clear quartz that are found around Herkimer County in New York state. 

Quartz is a crystal consisting of silicon dioxide. Many gemstones are a variety of quartz, such as citrine, agate, amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, as well as all chalcedony varieties such as carnelian, bloodstone, and jasper.

Clear quartz is also called crystal quartz, quartz crystal, or rock crystal. It can be found in natural crystal formations, or tumbled into beads.

-Handmade polished, smooth surface.
-Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth.
-It is good gift for your friends, families.

Type: Natural quartz crystal point
Material: Natural quartz crystal stone
Process: Manual polishing
Shape: Hexagonal prism
Main Color: As shown
Feature: Single tip

Because it is 100% natural crystal,it is hard to keep everyone is same,so these may happen:
The size & weight of everyone always is different,it's normal for the difference.
The color may also have some difference with the product,it is normal.
The pictures often look larger than real product, pls refer the product size.

  Please allow one week for these to ship

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