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Women's Labradorite "GODDESS" Necklace
Women's Labradorite "GODDESS" Necklace

Women's Labradorite "GODDESS" Necklace

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Hematite Labradorite Quartz Swarovski Crystals 15" with 3" chain "Goddess" Spelled out Black Stones with White Letters

Labradorite, a feldspar mineral, is an intermediate to calcic member of the plagioclase series. It occurs as clear, white to gray, blocky to lath shaped grains in common mafic igneous rocks such as basalt and gabbro. The geological type area for labradorite is Paul's Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. It has also been reported in Norway, Finland and various other locations worldwide.

Although it has a dirty gray color in the rough, cut stones have a metallic lustre and an iridescent sheen suggestive of the Northern Lights. When seen at the right angle, various shades of vivid blue, green, gold, purple, and other colors are revealed. These crystals are usually cut with at least one flat surface to bring out these colors.