Women's Aquamarine & Topaz Bracelet
Women's Aquamarine & Topaz Bracelet

Women's Aquamarine & Topaz Bracelet

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Beautiful light blue Women's Bracelet. 

Featuring: Aquamarine 4mm and 6 mm Blue Topaz 3 mm Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver

Bracelet size fits 6.5 to 7.5 wrist on a Ninja Stretch Cord

Aquamarine (from Latin: aqua marina, “sea water”, is a blue or cyan variety of beryl. The deep blue version of aquamarine is called maxixe. Maxixe is commonly found in the country of Madagascar. The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine would protect against any dangers while traveling at sea, and that it provided energy and cured laziness.

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals (Mohs hardness of 8) and is the hardest of any silicate mineral. This hardness combined with its usual transparency and variety of colors means that it has acquired wide use in jewelry as a cut gemstone. Blue topaz is the state gemstone of the US state of Texas.

Our gemstone bracelets are all original designs by Lisa Beth and LDE Affinity Jewelry. They are hand crafted with passion and love in our Southern California studio. The beads are strung on Ninja cord to provide strength, flexibility and longevity to your Bracelet.

We do our best to choose each stone carefully and purposeful for every piece.. However there might be slight differences in color size shape and clarity which makes each item unique and one of a kind.

Each piece of jewelry will come in a colored satin drawstring bag for it’s protection and storage or to be ready to give as a gift.

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