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Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand
Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand
Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand
Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand
Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand

Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand

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60-70mm Raw Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone Point Healing Wand 

Lapis lazuli, also known simply as "lapis," is a blue metamorphic rock that has been used by people as a gemstone, sculpting material, pigment, and ornamental material for thousands of years. High quality lapis lazuli can be a costly gem. The most desirable specimens have a rich, solid blue color and perhaps a few reflective pieces of gold pyrite.

Unlike most other gem materials, lapis lazuli is not a mineral.  Instead, it is a rock composed of multiple minerals. The blue color of lapis lazuli is mainly derived from the presence of lazurite, a blue silicate mineral of the sodalite group 

Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires confidence.


-Handmade polished, smooth surface.
-Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth.
-It is good gift for your friends, families.
Type: Natural quartz crystal point
Material: Natural quartz crystal stone
Process: Manual polishing
Shape: Hexagonal prism
Main Color: As shown
Feature: Single tip
Function: Stone generator, energy generator, reiki wand, spirituality growth
Application: feng shui, house treasure, home decor, meditation, gift
-Its energy is emitted from the top tip straightly,called “generator”,if its weight is enough,will be emitted continuously forming a strong energy field from the center point.
-Can be used to set up a seven-star array,is good for meditation and visualization;
-Its powerful energy gathers at the top, is the best tool for healing and adjusting the body and spirit;
-Can play a role on degaussing, reducing radiation of home appliance effectively;
-Can Balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, help to concentrate spirit. 


You are purchasing one of a lot of hand-crafted natural gemstone products. These products contain naturally occurring variations in shape, color, texture, veining and pattern. The actual stone you receive may differ from the pictures shown. The pictures displayed are intended to give you an overall idea of the actual product you will receive.

Because it is 100% natural crystal,it is hard to keep everyone is same,so these may happen:
The size & weight of everyone always is different,it's normal for the difference.
The color may also have some difference with the product,it is normal.
The pictures often look larger than real product, pls refer the product size.


The information provided here regarding the metaphysical properties of stones is intuitively derived and has not been scientifically evaluated. This information is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Our intent is only to offer information of a general nature to help customers and their loved ones in their spiritual quest for higher consciousness and well-being.